My dance career began 22 years ago when I started dancing salsa. In my early dance career I performed on different stages around the world. Later in my career I discovered my passion for teaching and has since then been teaching at different places in Sweden and am currently teaching at Adrianas Danshus.

There is no bigger reward than when I see the joy and happiness in my students when they start to develop and their self-condidence shines through. To me, its not about just teaching salsa step, it’s so much more. I really want to learn the true fundamentals of salsa, including mensstyling, how to be a good leader/follower and footwork, something you can use on the social dancefloor around the world.

In my classes I will make sure everyone feels welcome and have a good time. I always help every student individually so everyone can develope in their own pace.


Salsa Linjestil:

Linjestilsalsa eller ”cross-body style” som den även kallas finns i flera former. Denna stil utvecklades i USA och paret dansar på en linje och byter plats genom steget ”cross-body lead”. Kvinnan blir förd på en rak linje och snurrarna förekommer mestadels på plats, och kan vara många.